Bottled Type

Bottled type

With our custom-tailored delivery service, the convenience of Omega water is the perfect convenience for all workplace and cozy home.

You can enjoy the confidence delivered to your doorstep to make hot coffee & tea, normal temperature water and the savior for Malaysia’s weather, chilling cold to quench your thirst anytime. Well hydrated is a benefit for everyone!

We offer a wide variety of bottled water dispenser on a loan and purchase basis with flexible and no-forced contract.

YES! The overall flow from producing to packing of Omega R.O. drinking water including quality test (by govt. & personal laboratory) has been certified and licensed by Ministry of Health Malaysia (Food Safety & Quality Division).

We strive to provide not only clean & pure drinking water but also SAFE for you.

License No. of Ministry of Health Malaysia, KKM 163(52/P/12)  

MeSTI Cert.: 78/P/00208/-112015

Cost Saving

Our big bottles come in industry-standard 5-Gallon bottles (approximately 18.9 liter) size, yes equals to 54 cups of 350ml!


Sales supports and specialist to provide the best product for you.


From table to floor standing, from boiling hot to chilling cold water, from top loader to lift-free PREMIUM bottom loader, you name it.


Consists of experienced drivers and in-house transport vehicles ensuring that all orders are efficiently and speedily delivered.


Concern on the repairs & maintenance after purchase? Rest assured! Our team of well-trained technicians specialized in troubleshooting, repairing faults & service is just a call away!

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